Arthur Smith Sings Leonard Cohen

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Arthur Smith Sings Leonard Cohen

Post by Eva » Thu Jul 17, 2003 6:41 am

Our Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal is featuring Arthur Smith at the Centaur Theatre singing Leonard Cohen. Dates July 15 to 20.
Apparently it was a huge hit at the Edinburgh Festival & London's West End. I will try to catch it tomorrow.
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Post by Pete » Thu Jul 17, 2003 9:21 pm

Hi Eva

Let us know how you get on!!

As a Cohen fan will you be able to laugh??
Enjoy the evening. I look forward to any recommendations, especially if he returns to these shores and repeats the show.


I've just remembered that Channel 4 here has, in the past, televised highlights of this festival.....usually at a much later date
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Post by Tim » Fri Jul 18, 2003 12:04 am


hope you enjoy the show! I saw it at the Bath Fringe Festival (one-off warm-up for the Edinburgh Festival) and in London, and loved it both times - and I know Lizzie Madder, amongst others, enjoyed it in Edinburgh... so hope it's as good in Montreal!

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