Pre-Sale Tickets (from Ticketmaster)

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Re: Pre-Sale Tickets (from Ticketmaster)

Post by henders74 » Sat Mar 15, 2008 3:49 pm

I've also put this comment on the 'London, o2 Arena, July 17' thread.

I forgot to say there that another rubbish thing with Ticketmaster is that you could only specify standard post - so if our tickets go missing that's £250 down the drain, no Leonard, and they aren't accountable. They should surely have to offer collect at venue or special delivery?

I got block 102 at 8.58, so happy. My parents were online at the same time and got three in 101 which we rejected as my transaction was nearly complete. We should have got both and sold someone on here the other three for face value - didn't realise quite how crazy it would get.

Re blocks A and B, I was on the floor for Bob Dylan at Wembley recently and everyone stood up - might as well have been outside with an audio feed as I could just see his hat if I stood on tiptoe - standing doesn't work if the floor is flat! The only time I ever get close is when the venue is standing downstairs - front tickets have become a joke. I'll never forget when Bob played at Brixton around '95 and I queued for hours and got into the second row. Yes, it's a hassle if you want to get a drink, use the toilet, are tired etc but at least you don't get the front rows full of rich media types who have the money but not the interest.

Wouldn't it be great if, fingers crossed, Leonard does these extra 'intimate' shows later in the year, he played somewhere like Brixton or Shepherd's Bush Empire? Even views from the circle would be good. Hope things work out better for any further legs of the tour. Maybe someone ethical should start a ticket sales agency and performers could specify they had to be used and any re-sales would only be legitimate at face value through that same agency. Nice dream. If anyone does start an anti-tout petition I'm in!

ps I am now going to the Big Chill as well - no touts for that!
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Re: Pre-Sale Tickets (from Ticketmaster)

Post by A.Sukitu » Sat Mar 15, 2008 6:51 pm

Thanks to AndrewGMooney - I really appreciate the content of what you wrote (see beforehand) - it calmed me down from spitting teeth at Ticketmaster; also to henders74 above - I agree totally. And I'm praying for a possible future return to the Royal Albert Hall to promote the new album ... In the meantime, my one and only visit to the 02 will be to see Leonard. I'm sure that of course it will be worth it ...
"You let me sing, you lifted me up, you gave my soul a beam to travel on. ... You gave the injury a tongue to heal itself."
Leonard Cohen in Book of Mercy (1984) Ch. 19.
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Post by Sideways » Sat Mar 15, 2008 9:37 pm

The furor over cynicism has been an acutely frustrating cultural phenomenon: pregnant with great possibility, touching on vital and fascinating issues, yet initially formulated in a one-sided and sinister manner that will deplete the ozone layer quicker than you can double-check the spelling of "succinylsulphathiazole". What's important to note, however, is that Ticketmaster's communications share many of the same characteristics. I will start this discussion by arguing that Ticketmaster's conduct over thew Leonard Cohen tickets are shrouded in a fog of ageism. Then, I will present evidence that our national media is controlled by puerile underachievers. That's why you probably haven't heard that Ticketmaster's effrontive vaporings rightly deserve to be exposed to criticism. But let's not lose sight of the larger, more important issue here: Ticketmaster's narrow-minded epigrams.

My real point here is that Ticketmaster's behavior might be different if it were told that exploitative common criminals will always band together to deprive individuals of the right to carry out the famous French admonition, écrasez l'infâme!, against its memoranda. Of course, as far as Ticketmaster's concerned, this fact will fall into the category of, "My mind is made up; don't confuse me with the facts." That's why I'm telling you that it and I disagree about our civic duties. I maintain that we must do our utmost to go placidly amid the noise and haste. Ticketmaster, on the other hand, believes that the federal government should take more and more of our hard-earned money and more and more of our hard-won rights. For a variety of reasons, some strategic, some ideological, some attitudinal, and all of them wrong, acrimonious, confused half-wits seize control over where we eat, sleep, socialize, and associate with others. Ticketmaster claims that its debauches are the result of a high-minded urge to do sociological research. Perhaps it has some sound arguments on its side but if so it's keeping them hidden. I'd say it's far more likely that I am tired of hearing or reading that everyone with a different set of beliefs from Ticketmaster's is going to get a one-way ticket to Hell or the O2. You know that that is simply not true.

Ticketmaster's rejoinders are just a rhetorical ploy to get away from the obvious fact that Ticketmaster yearns for the Oriental despotisms of pre-Hellenic times, the neolithic culture that preceded the rise of self-consciousness and egoism. By the same token, it abhors the current era, in which people are free to do something good for others. If I recall correctly, Ticketmaster's tricks are merely a stalking horse. They mask its secret intention to tell everyone else what to do. I have had to restrain myself from rebuking Ticketmaster more vehemently, at least insofar as this essay is concerned.

Someone just showed me a memo supposedly written by Ticketmaster. The memo spells out its plans to "solve" all our problems by talking them to death, or in Leonard's case, perhaps singing them to death! If this memo is authentic, it tells us that inasmuch as I disagree with Ticketmaster's accusations and find its ad hominem attacks offensive, I am happy to meet Ticketmaster's speech with more speech and, if necessary, continue this discussion until the truth shines.

Taking that notion one step further, we can see that it's undoubtedly astounding that Ticketmaster has somehow found a way to work the words "lithochromatographic" and "plethysmographically" into its lamentations. However, you may find it even more astounding that if we were to let it get away with breaking down our communities, that would be a gross miscarriage of justice. Some will say I exaggerate but actually I'm being quite lenient. I didn't mention, for example, that the best thing about Ticketmaster is the way that it encourages us to do what needs to be done. No, wait; Ticketmaster doesn't encourage that. On the contrary, it discourages us from admitting that if we're to effectively carry out our responsibilities and make a future for ourselves, we will first have to denounce its deeds.

We have a dilemma of leviathan proportions on our hands: Should we put an end to demonic corporatism, or is it sufficient to tell you things that Ticketmaster doesn't want you to know? I apologize if this disappoints you but my intent was only to elucidate the question, not to answer it. I shall therefore state only that Ticketmaster insists that a knowledge of correct diction, even if unused, evinces a superiority that covers cowardice or stupidity. Sorry, Ticketmaster, but, with apologies to Gershwin, "it ain't necessarily so." Ticketmaster used to complain about being persecuted. Now it is our primary persecutor. This reversal of roles reminds me that Ticketmaster is unequivocally up to something. I don't know exactly what, but it demands obeisance from its backers. Then, once they prove their loyalty, Ticketmaster forces them to make recidivism socially acceptable.

Here's an idea: Instead of giving Ticketmaster the ability to bring widespread death and degradation to millions of human beings across the face of the Earth, why don't we search for solutions that are more creative and constructive than the typically illiberal ones championed by nettlesome clowns? If we do, we'll then be able to provide people the wherewithal to offer a framework for discussion so that we can more quickly reach a consensus. Ticketmaster does not want to alter laws, language, and customs in the service of regulating social relations because it is impolitic, inarticulate, contumacious, and purblind (though, granted, Ticketmaster is all of the aforementioned) but rather because this is a lesson for those with eyes to see. It is a lesson not so much about Ticketmaster's contemptible behavior but about the way that we've all heard Ticketmaster yammer and whine about how it's being scapegoated again, the poor dear.

Ticketmaster doesn't use words for communication or for exchanging information. It uses them to disarm, to hypnotize, to mislead, and to deceive. No one likes being attacked by mudslinging egocentric-types. Even worse, Ticketmaster exploits our fear of those attacks -- which it claims will evolve sooner than you think into biological, chemical, or nuclear attacks -- as a pretext to do everything possible to keep irritable quiddlers unreasonable and impetuous. If you think that's scary, then you should remember that because of Ticketmaster's obsession with mandarinism, its legates have coordinated their propaganda efforts into a superbly-wrought symphony of hatred and destruction. I could write pages on the subject, but the following should suffice. We need to increase awareness and understanding of our similarities and differences. Why? Because of what's at stake: literally everything.

Ticketmaster's idea of filthy Stalinism is no political belief. It is a fierce and burning gospel of hatred and intolerance, of murder and destruction, and the unloosing of a hate-filled blood-lust. It is, in every literal sense, a simple-minded and pagan religion that incites its worshippers to a splenetic frenzy and then prompts them to take us all on a totally reckless ride into the unknown. I apologize if the following points are hard to follow but they're quite relevant to the gist of my argument. First, Ticketmaster likes to have difficult social issues presented to it in simple, black-and-white terms. And second, Ticketmaster's loyalists are the disloyal caitiffs of the modern age. All of this means, of course, that Ticketmaster's votaries have been staggering around like punch-drunk fighters hit too many times -- stunned, confused, betrayed, and trying desperately to rationalize Ticketmaster's blathering shell games. It is truly not a pretty sight.

On a more personal note, when Ticketmaster says that it answers to no one, that's just a load of spucatum tauri. If a true fan spends 30 minutes from 9.00 a.m. sharp trying to book the £75 tickets for the O2 then does Ticketmaster honestly expect us to believe that it is omnipotent? The answer is almost utterly obvious -- this isn't rocket science, you know. The key is that last summer, I attempted what I knew would be a hopeless task. I tried to convince Ticketmaster that the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist if we don't hammer out solutions on the anvil of discourse. As I expected, Ticketmaster was entirely unconvinced. The recent outrage at Ticketmaster's snow jobs may point to a brighter future. For now, however, I must leave you knowing that Ticketmaster has lost sight of the lessons of history.
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Re: Chill!

Post by AndrewGMooney » Sun Mar 16, 2008 1:49 am

msg 2 henders74 & 'annie from scotland':

The Big Chill has been a seriously superb event for several years. Yes: it's getting bigger and may be ruined, but if you fancy a trip to the Midlands, you get to see Leonard in a superb setting with about 125 support acts! Decent seats in London and Dublin are close to £80. There are cheap flights from E'bro to Brum for you Annie!

come and chill out in The Malvern Hills, it's a fantastic place.

I repeat: i am NOT affiliated to local tourist boards or on a % for The Big Chill. Not everything in modern life is rubbish. Most things, but not everything! We're out of the way. You have to make the effort to get to Ledbury/Eastnor, but I think it might be worth it.
Unless, Annie, you bring 'that Scottish weather'! :lol:

I still can't quite believe he'll be there. I drove past the Castle today. Mysterious vibes to think of him singing there.

hope you both get to see him sing and say 'I'm Your Man' in 08. Kind regards.
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Re: Pre-Sale Tickets (from Ticketmaster)

Post by wackery » Mon Mar 17, 2008 3:35 pm

I am sorry to read all the disappointed postings about ticketmaster.
My experience was much luckier and I got 4 good tickets for the Dublin concert at about 9.01 on Friday am.
Filled with enthusiasm I then joined the 'corporate' bunch and treated myself to hospitality tickets in London. A lot of money but hey I'm 55 that week and I've been listening to Leonard for 40 years so what the hell....what else would I spend it on :?:
If you haven't been so lucky believe me I feel for you and I know I'd be in the dumps but 'that's how it goes...everybody knows'.
if you get a second chance even through Ebay go for it.
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Re: Pre-Sale Tickets (from Ticketmaster)

Post by ray13 » Mon Mar 17, 2008 3:59 pm

Leonard is playing in my hometown. The venue holds 800 people. It'll sell out in one minute. I would have appreciated a pre-sale but just found out that it won't be happening for any of the Maritime dates. Ouch!
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