Glitch in Registration Site Fixed, Registrations Tripled!

The Edmonton Event - before and after
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Glitch in Registration Site Fixed, Registrations Tripled!

Post by KimSolez » Tue Apr 01, 2008 3:37 am

Starting the evening of March 3rd there was a glitch in the registration software that caused it to reject valid credit cards. This was corrected this morning. We are very sorry about the problem. If you tried during this period of March 3-31 to register and were unsuccessful you can just start the registration process again and it will be successful. If you were already assigned a registration number from before you can abandon it and it will be eliminated as an unpaid duplicate. Now that this problem has resolved registrations have tripled! If you want to register without your name appearing on the registration list on this website you can Email Pawel Gorny <> with that request.

Jarkko says about the glitch "Bad news that is really good news!"

All the best. - Kim
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