Signed Copies - How to tell if they are real?

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Signed Copies - How to tell if they are real?

Post by medicinejar » Tue Aug 31, 2021 8:26 pm

Hi everyone

I am seriously looking at buying a signed copy of the Book of Longing. I know there were a significant number signed when the book was released. I am wanting to make sure when I buy one I am getting a legitimately signed copy as I know that autograph forgeries are sadly, very common when it comes to musical artists and others.

For those that bought a signed one through a bookstore when it came out, what can you tell me about yours and others you know have?

Was it signed in pencil or pen? What was the colour?

What page did he sign (from what I can see it is always the inner title page)?

Was there a specific position on the page that he signed?

Were the officially signed ones (i.e., the ones you could buy through bookstores) limited to the first edition or were any later editions signed?

It appears they all had the unified heart symbol stamped on the page? Were they always in red or was a different colour used? Was there a standard position.

Was there anything that differentiated signed books from unsigned ones (e.g., Bruce Springsteen had a special page insert only for the signed ones)?

Any help people can give, is appreciated.

Thanks very much and have a great day!
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