Important registration information

The Berlin Event - before and after
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Important registration information

Postby jarkko » Sat Jul 15, 2006 8:44 pm

This is for all who haven't yet registered to the Berlin Event but have plans to come.
For everything about the Event, go to

New credit card registrations will be accepted until August 7. However, please note the following details:

- Until July 30 all registrations will be confirmed by email within some 12 hours
- From July 30 until August 7 email confirmations will take more time – I will be travelling in Poland and will read my emails only occasionally
- All payments will also be confirmed by the clearing system on the registration page immediately after you have completed the process (you will see an OK note on your screen!)

New registrations will be updated to the list of participants ( ... pants.html ) next time on July 23 and then daily until July 29. After July 29 new names will not be added to the website at all. (A final list will be posted after the Event!).

Right now we have following new participants not listed yet (these names will be on the site on July 23):

Juraj Mucko, Croatia
Barbara Mayer, Germany
Heather and Robert Salisbury, NH, USA
Jurica Staresincic, Croatia

We have now about 230 participants. We will keep the door open also to
persons who for some reason cannot pay with credit card before August 7.
These latecomers may pay in cash at the registration desk. Credit or bank
cards or travel cheques are NOT accepted, cash in euros only.

Please note:


The event pass will be in your event bag, handed to to you at the
registration desk.

The registration desk will be open at IBIS Hotel, Anhalter Strasse 4, at
following times:

Wednesday, August 9, 17.00-18.30
Thursday, August 10, 17.00-18.30
Friday, August 11, 11.00-12.30

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