Let Love See You

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Let Love See You

Post by Phil Rose » Mon Nov 25, 2019 9:08 am

Let Love See You
In the hours of our memories
Live the memories of time past
In the towers of our dreams
We searched for the ones sometimes forgotten
Soon we’ll find another
To replace the one’s gone slowly by
Like stranger’s footprints in the sand
Washed over by a thousand waves
Like tired golden sandcastles
Crushed by childhood hands
And in the ashes of burned hearts
Bygone days will disappear
In the silence of our daydreaming thoughts
Maybe love will reappear
And where the warm winds dance with fallen leaves
New dreams will come alive
And remind us that all we’ve ever known
Is love both kind and blind
Like the memories of our tired minds
And for all that we believe in
We must always try
To understand how hard it is
To let a heart go
Living is not the same
Without a heart to grow
Because sometimes pain is all a heart can know

So hold onto something real
Until it drifts away
Help us breath each day
And do our best to smile
As we walk down some lonesome aisle

Don’t cry for tomorrow
Until you can laugh at yesterday
Don’t mourn about old sorrows
Don’t wait for another heart to borrow
Let love see you
As you stand so lonely
In an open doorway
With solitude and pride
Looking through a darkened window
With the sunlight growing thin
As the rain strokes the window pane
Waiting for love
To pass your way again
Let love find you
Not wearing your coat of pain
Let love see you
Let love see you
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