Under a Spell

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Under a Spell

Postby Carolyn M Kleefeld » Sat Nov 30, 2013 1:07 pm

Under a Spell

We ride the Orphic waves
of our bodily urges
beneath the blue lunar light.

Castaways of shadows roam
our worlds, ancient and Greek.

Moved by the unseen mystery,
we awaken as strangers,
rekindling our fire together.

Intimacy patiently awaits us
receptive to our need–
our dream’s embodiment.

Over our oasis,
a spell of lunar radiance is cast
and we become iridescent lovers.

The timeless encompasses us,
infusing our hearts,
flowering our dreams.
"We are all forces and instruments of Nature, expressing her every whisper and scream, in an ever-evolving symphony of creation." --Carolyn Mary Kleefeld
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