David Bowie's "Low"

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Re: David Bowie's "Low"

Post by John Etherington » Sun Feb 03, 2008 9:01 pm

Hi Teratogen et al,

I might as well append some of my own reflections on Bowie to this thread...As it happens, I was totally mesmerised by Bowie's music and persona, in the period between the release of "Songs of Love and Hate" and "New Skin For the Old Ceremony". For me, the ultimate Bowie "trilogy" was "Hunky Dory", "Ziggy Stardust" and "Aladdin Sane" - most especially "Hunky Dory", which was possibly my most-played album of all time. These led me to check out the (also fine) "Space Oddity", and "Man Who Sold the World" albums.

I was lucky enough to experience some key live moments in Bowie history ...I saw Bowie (still with long hair) perform "Queen Bitch" at the John Peel show; his debut of "Five Years" at a London college (extremely powerful and persuasively apocalyptic!); two Ziggy shows with Roxy Music at London's Rainbow Theatre; the (very dramatic) show at Hammersmith Odeon where Bowie "killed off " Ziggy/Aladdin Sane" and one of the comeback shows at Earl's Court with "Station to Station" (that was the last time I saw him live).

I was not so keen on "Pinups", "Diamond Dogs", "Young Americans" and "David Live", but my interest was briefly revived with "Low" and "Heroes" - even though I didn't think of them as great . For me, they were interesting mood pieces, and captivating
expressions of Bowie's inner/psychic landscape, at the time". Some songs stand out..."Sound and Vision", "Sons of the Silent Age",
"Always Crashing in the Same Car"and "Heroes", of course. I think I preferred the instrumentals on "Low" (I don't have on CD).

I pretty much lost track of Bowie's career after, that...just picking up on the odd thing, and enjoying some concerts on TV. The only
later songs that really got to me were the three opening tracks on the "Let's Dance" album, "Ashes to Ashes"and "Under Pressure".

Picking up on other things mentioned here, I never really understood the fuss about Morrisey (even though I liked the "Meat is Murder" album and "Boy with the Thorn in His Side". Johnny Rogan gave me a spare ticket to see him live at Hammersmith Odeon once, but I was very unimpressed - I found his show unfocused and amateurish (compared to Bowie).

Finally (other David B), Nick Lowe's EP was called "Bowi" (he dropped the "e"), but it didn't include "Breaking Glass" (that was a single that folllowed soon after). I liked Brinsley Schwarz, by the way - I bought some of their albums, and saw them live several times.

All good things, John E
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Re: David Bowie's "Low"

Post by table top joe » Sat Mar 15, 2008 8:19 pm

Teratogen wrote:10 days gone by, 65 views, but no one cares to comment on this Bowie album? I KNOW there's gotta be Bowie fans here. :?

Better late than never,heres one! Bowie is a genius,"Low" is a classic,there was a bonus track,"Some are" on the 1991 reissue of the album that ive been trying to get my hands on for a while,have it on cassette but want it for my ipod :( ......anyway,the man was on an incredible roll from 1970-1980,saw him in Dublin a few years ago,he was brilliant,3 hour show!.......he hasnt released an album in nearly Five Years now,dont know if he ever will again,think he pretty much retired after his heart attack
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