Bruce Springsteen new albúm !

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Re: Bruce Springsteen new albúm !

Post by Diane » Sun Jan 03, 2010 12:26 pm

Hi Kush. I would be out taking photos today - we have a white landscape and it's fairly rare in these parts, but I feel rather sick this morning - must be one of those bugs that's going round. Paul Rodgers, yes he has a long musical history and fronts Queen these days. Even though Brian May sang No-one But You, about Freddie, Rodgers works because he is a fine singer himself and has never tried to emulate or replace Freddie.

re. loss of tribal peoples - hmm I suppose one day the world could be a massive city under one administration with one culture and all food industrially produced. Even if such a scenario could be supported by the biosphere, I wouldn't hasten it.

Hi Steven. The only Johnny Cash album I seem to have other than a 'Best of' is American V a Hundred Highways. Never listened to it before properly. He sounds very unhappy. Now I have dug it out though I will listen today.
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Re: Bruce Springsteen new albúm !

Post by Steven » Sun Jan 03, 2010 9:46 pm

Hi Diane,

Yes, American V does have a sad feeling. I believe that he began recording American V just after the passing
on of his beloved wife, June Carter Cash. Also, he was quite ill and in physical pain. To continue with
his work, despite, and because of, what took place with this recording is a tribute to him and to his
art. Took something very special and life-affirming to be present to difficult stuff, for as long
as he was humanly able. Some real gems on that album, i.m.o. I've played some of the covers on it
back to back with the original releases, to better appreciate, and nuance the beauty of his heart, soul, humanity and artistry.
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