Sharon's new album & streaming audio!

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Sharon's new album & streaming audio!

Post by jarkko » Mon Mar 03, 2008 6:54 pm

I wanted to let you know that I've opened a MySpace page ( with some streaming audio from my upcoming album, including the song "Everybody Knows." There will also shortly be a link to it from my website at I hope you like it.

All my best,
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Re: Sharon's new album & streaming audio!

Post by AndrewGMooney » Sat Mar 15, 2008 12:58 am

Dear Sharon!

Do I like it? LOL! As posted on your new website:
From your guestbook archive, I found these comments I made long ago:
"Dear Sharon, your contributions to Dear Heather are exquisite. Will there ever be an album of your own work to enjoy? Thanks for the trance-like beauty of your melodies and voice."
"I'm not worried: One day Sharon will release her own musical statement and the wait will have been worthwhile......"
“I'm listening to the 3 preview tracks on MySpace now......the wait has been worthwhile! The tracks are beautiful. Await the full opus eagerly!”

On a day when I’ve successfully managed to book tickets to see my ‘guru’, my ‘mentor’, my ‘avuncular friend’- Leonard: I’m celebrating with a few glasses of classic Cabernet. And I’m listening to the three remarkable tracks you’re streaming from your MySpace page. In a world where nearly everyone has a ‘My-Waste-Of-Space’ page: It’s comforting to realise that so many people will find your ‘jewels washed up on the beach’.

Your potential audience is Sade-esque. I must have a word with her and see if she’d like you to produce her next opus. Actually, a mate of mine once sold t-shirts for her when she was ‘a struggling beginner’: That’s my only connection! *rollseyes*

“all will attend, every heart and soul,
who’s looked to another to try to feel whole
..the mood will be set, the spirits will flow
…there’s a party for the lonely, I think we should go

A room will of revellers are waiting inside……”

Will we ever see this beautiful work rendered live. On stage?
With regards, thanks & gratitude for your beatitudes…….

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