Children of Abraham

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Children of Abraham

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The Top 5 Benefits of Growing Your Fruit and Vegetable Garden

There is no comparison between the taste of grocery store bought tomatoes devoid of flavor and that of freshly picked ones.

Growing vegetables and fruits can seem overwhelming to some, but it’s far simpler than it sounds. If you do not have a yard, you can consider starting an indoor herb garden on your windowsills or a patio garden using the best of products and researching some related methods and tips. The sheer number of peppers or tomatoes you will manage to grow out of one pot will surely amaze you!

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If you are still not convinced, consider the following benefits of home gardening:


1. Control your crops

Cultivating your produce allows you to control what ends up on your family’s table. You choose which fertilizer, water, as well as pest control to use, and whether to grow organically. Make sure you research your hardiness zone, plant sunlight and water needs, along with fertilizer safety and types and weed and pest control options.

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2. Boost your health

One of the essential things you can do to be healthy is consuming more fresh vegetables and fruits. As you pick them right from your garden, the content of vitamins will be at their highest. You are also lowering the risk of eating vegetables which contain harmful chemicals. But that’s not all; getting your children involved in the gardening process increases their willingness to try the fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Give easy access

A backyard garden lets you instantly access fresh produce, which means you won’t have to visit the farmers’ market or grocery stores to find it. Your home garden opens up various flavoring options or recipes. For instance, you like serving salsa, but a jar isn’t readily available. Instead, you can use peppers, tomatoes, and onions from the garden to make your own.


4. Cut down on the grocery budget

One of the best benefits of growing your food is money saving. The price of a seed pack almost equates to what you are supposed to pay for a single fruit or vegetable at the store. Also, it may cost less if you factor in the money you have spent on the gas for driving to the supermarket. Though growing vegetables at home costs money (spent on top reviewed supplies and seeds), a single plant would produce plenty of produce.

5. Make gardening your family hobby

Gardening is a fun, family-oriented activity that lets kids get their hands dirty as well as learn where their food is from. Starting a vegetable garden, from planting seedlings to cultivating salads together, is a fantastic way to get your family members off the couch and onto their feet.

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In general

Home gardens take on different forms, from plants in containers to big garden plots in your backyard. Their benefits, as mentioned above, make your physical exertion and gardening costs worth the effort. What are you waiting for? Find the best products for your gardening, stock up on seeds, and grow your food today.
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