The Cologne meetup / Jan Erik live in Köln

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The Cologne meetup / Jan Erik live in Köln

Postby jarkko » Tue May 30, 2006 5:57 pm

I'm back from Cologne! A bunch of Cohenites *) got together there to see Jan Erik Lundqvist's record release concert & party and to just hang around together for some days. Needless to say how much we enjoyed those days!

*) Willy & Wijbe and Miriam & Kees from Holland, Andrea & Marco from Italy, Adi & Laís, Barbara, Dolores, Vlad, Elke & friends from Germany plus Eija & me from Finland -- Henning was at the concert on the previous page just like Yvonne and Bea from Holland.

Here are some concert photos: ... qvist.html

I may post some group photos later.

PS. According to Werner Meyer, Jan Erik will be with 2 songs in the radio today! 15.40 h at Deutschlandradio Kultur. You will also get it on the internet:

(right side) LIVE-STREAM
just click Flash/WMP or MP3

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