Report Bordeaux 23.-25.3.2018

Information on other get-togethers before the next big Event
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Report Bordeaux 23.-25.3.2018

Post by harald » Tue Apr 03, 2018 7:22 pm

What happened one year ago:
The small bunch of us lonesome or less lonesome heroes or lesser heroes gathered last spring in Toledo. Which only produced the wish to repeat the waltz.

What happened:
Babeth and Henri invited us and all the guests came in, Ann and Bea and Caren and Ciaran and Conny and Eddy and Hans and Harald and Judy and Montse and Regina.
We met at La P´tite Brasserie on Friday evening (the German section - except for the Prussians - was a bit late, but excused). Happy glad to see you again. Like always also tonight and on this weekend not enough time to talk to everybody as much as one wanted. Good wine, nihil nisi bene, ergo nihil on the food. I sit at your table and I just get high with you.
Saturday meeting at 11 in the morning, thus 3 hours before breakfast at 2 p.m. By the tower, we should have guessed what was coming. 232 steps. Bar à Vin. We know by now that the best Bordeaux wines on the vine menu are not the ones denominated „Bordeaux“. Fall among the voices and the wine. Boat on the Garonne. Cité du Vin. Rest.
Dinner Au Bien Chez Soi (the Prussian section was a bit late - unexcused). Good food and wine. Eat fast, drink faster, time to leave the table.
Dance Me by Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal at the Pin Galant. Some liked it, for some it was not exactly their genre of art. Lets agree on this: We had a concert atmosphere and we had real Cohen music, not some better or worse cover band. And there was something for the eye as modern people seem to need. Touch me with your naked hand. (Don´t know how Regina and me came to the honour of the best seats - probably to let the group enjoy some distance to myself. Thank you anyway.)
After down to the next bar, we could make it that far. More excellent wine (Hans explained: if we took the cheaper bottte, we might later regret it).
Les Français sont débrouillards. As a frequent user of public transports I found this display remarkable: „Tram interrupted. Replacement is assured by foot.“
No need to report at length, we had it all live.
It´s over now, the water and the wine. Bye bye already, much too short, see you soon! Lots of thanks to Babeth and Henri for bringing us together!

What happened before / Bavarian-Hesse Section:
Thursday evening at Le Lions Lila. Conny flexible enough to join us at short notice. Hot cheese goes well with the wine. There were three of us this evening.
Friday meet Conny for lunch at L´Entrecote. The Holy Spirit's crying, "Where's the beef?" Marvellous meat, well worth it. If you have the right timing and tactics the queue is not a problem. Organized minibus excursion to Haut Medoc. That´s where Chateau Latour lies - ... ent-184684. Tour through two chateaux with wine tasting and explanations. Seen Chateau Margaux.

What happened after / Bavarian Section:
Sunday after a short night rush to the station, train to St. Emilion. Walk through the medieval village, the vineries come up to the village, stroll through them. No complaints about the ups and downs from the male part of the couple. The wine bar L´Absolu is to be praised. Planned train not scheduled on Sunday (which came to my mind in the restrooms, if you need an idea, you know where to go). Forced to drink more wine. Here comes the evening train.
Monday next excursion, we are relentless. Train to Arcachon. To the beach. Huîtres at a fine restaurant with view on the beach, Sancerre goes well with oysters. Bus to the Dune de Pilat. We climbed the hole mountain side. Foto shooting with la Belle de la plage. Thirsty, back to the lagune, wine.
Tuesday had to be cancelled due to rain. Week start postponed to Wednesday. For newbies I repeat here the 3 rules in the Republic of Montse:
1. No Mondays!!!
2. Week starts on Wednesday!!!
3. Breakfast from 2 p.m.!!!
Ok, we´ve been waiting more or less, standing in the rain and sleet. Flight.

Good times to all - looking forward to meet you again
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Re: Report Bordeaux 23.-25.3.2018

Post by basecamp » Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:57 pm

Thanks Harald,
your report pretty much sums up what happened! Thanks as well to Babeth and Henri for being such lovely host!
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Re: Report Bordeaux 23.-25.3.2018

Post by Mabeanie1 » Sat Apr 07, 2018 12:55 am

Glad you all had a great time. Would have loved to have joined you but knew nothing about it ..... :cry:

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