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Toowoomba LC (Birthday) Event milestone

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2013 5:38 pm
by Andrew (Darby)
This event has perhaps slipped under the radar of recent years, since I left Toowoomba, as it has been organised by a Cohenite up there, Gerard Saide, who is not a Forum participant. ;-)

Anyway, this annual celebration of Leonard's birthday (which I initiated 20 years ago) has happily survived in my absence, with this past Saturday night being the 21st consecutive event. :D

Gerard informed me that numbers were low, for various reasons, some of which were unavoidable. Nevertheless, Gerard should be applauded for his keeping this event going ...and John Gallagher likewise, for being the mainstay and worthy performer of Leonard’s material over the years, missing only the one event (when he was in Ireland) in the process! 8)

If a report from Gerard is forthcoming, I will certainly post it here.

Andrew :)