Pre-tour DVD & MP3 Trading Frenzy!!!

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Pre-tour DVD & MP3 Trading Frenzy!!!

Post by diamondsinthemine » Sun Feb 17, 2008 8:57 pm

We're all very excited about the new tour, so whilst we wait, why not watch a few films of previous tours to prepare us for what might be to come?

My trading list is up to date at (there some audio MP3s on there too.

Documentaries/Major Interviews
Bird on a Wire -1972
Song of Leonard Cohen - 1979
Songs from the Life of Leonard Cohen - 1988 BBC
Leonard - Adrienne Clarkson's Summer Festival - 1989
Spring '96 - A Film by Armelle Brusq - 1996
Stina om Leonard Cohen - 2001

Live Shows
RockPop 1979
I Am A Hotel 1983
Warsaw 1985 (2 DVDs)
San Sebastian, Spain 1988
Reykjavik, Iceland 1988
Take this Waltz – Oslo, Norway 1988
Austin City Limits 1988
Austin City Limits 1993

DVDiamonds #1 - Clips from the 60's and 70's
DVDiamonds #2 - Clips from 1988
DVDiamonds #3 - Clips from the late 80's through to 2001
DVDiamonds #4 - Clips from Canadian TV 1966-1993
DVDiamonds #5 - Clips from Toronto 2006; 1993& 1985!! - NEW!
DVDiamonds #6 - Clips from Norway 2007; Misc. TV clips 1990s; 'What Leonard Cohen Means To Me' documentary. - NEW!

Audience Films
Dortmund 1980
Milan 1985 2nd show
Roskilde 1985
Milan 1988
London 1993
Frankfurt 1993
Boston 1993
Munich 1993

Celebrating the film and television recordings of Leonard Cohen
peter jackson
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Re: Pre-tour DVD & MP3 Trading Frenzy!!!

Post by peter jackson » Tue Mar 11, 2008 7:58 pm

hi stephen
i would be very interested in trading. I would be very interested in some dvds and the MP3 discs. if you would email me at >< and i will send you my lists. hope to hear from you soon, pete
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Re: Pre-tour DVD & MP3 Trading Frenzy!!!

Post by libraryref » Thu Apr 03, 2008 2:42 pm

I'd like to start trading with others but don't really have anything that I could part with or copy legally. How about a book? I can easily purchase a copy of

Remembering Leonard Cohen, Alden Nowlan, the Flat Earth Society, the King James monarchy hoax, the Montreal Story Tellers and other curious matters

which is by a local Fredericton writer. The Cohen story in the book is amusing. It might even be true.

Here's more information: ... ntion.html

The book would be signed by the author. It would cost me $20 plus shipping to you. Would people offer something in exchange?

Fredericton (May 11, 2008); Toronto (June 6, 2008); Louisville (March 30, 2013)
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Re: Pre-tour DVD & MP3 Trading Frenzy!!!

Post by Philwilli » Fri Apr 04, 2008 12:53 am

Hi Steve
Can you use PAL DVD videos or does it have to be NTSC(american system)I can make you
a DVD and you don't have to send me anything.
One time i had nothing myself and kind people here helped me.

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