Come To Me My Ladies

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Stuart Marley
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Come To Me My Ladies

Postby Stuart Marley » Sat Jan 28, 2017 12:53 pm

Goddess of the midnight
Seductress of delight
My magic is but rumour
And the rumour isn't right

Sweet lips on the dance floor
I'm not the man you seek
I leave again tomorrow
So kiss me on the cheek

Sorceress of desire
With your eyes of burning flame
I'm tempted and I'm yearning
But I'm happy to stay sane

Dark eyes in the corner
I know you want to sin
But I'm ready for salvation
And with you I can't begin

Angel on the street outside
You make it difficult to leave
But I really must be going
I have another dream to weave

Tomorrow is my love
A love as yet unseen
So goodnight all you ladies
And goodbye to the scene

Ah! but come to me my ladies
I've changed my mind again
I want you all so badly
And I want you wild not tame

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