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Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 12:42 pm
by peter danielsen
You want to see him naked
you want to ride his car
don´t matter if he’s young or old
you’ve got the fruit jar
You’ll lead him to your bedroom
you’ll take him cause you can
it doesn’t matter who or when
as long as he’s a man
The story doesn’t end here
you’ll photograph the bum
you’ll count to six and tell him:
it’s time for you to come
He’ll ask if he can see you
for one more night or two
you’ll say: I’m very sorry
I’m off to someone new
You’ll tell him: do your homework
you’ll teach him to say please
you’ll ask: what's on for dinner?
and bring him to his knees
He’ll say: I truly love you
the way you do your thing,
just ask me, and I’ll do it
I’ll skip and jump and sing
He’ll say: I’ll never leave you
I’ll bring some money home
He’ll wash your hair and dry it
so steady with the comb
When all the men are silenced
you’ll turn to something new
to calm your hungry passion
and keep from feeling blue
You’ll reprogram your robots
to chase you with a bone
you’ll dress them up in muscles
equipped with heavy stones
My darling make it happen
and I will love you still
because I’m mad and useless
I am beyond your will
Just waiting in the shadows
to join some snake of old
He’ll offer you the guidance
towards the streets of gold