Leonard Cohen dies at 140

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Leonard Cohen dies at 140

Postby peter danielsen » Fri Nov 11, 2016 9:44 pm

One hundred and forty
old Leonard became
before he just left
with a sigh
he said he had seen
the world go to hell
but then that the spirit
would fly

He said he remembered
the garden so well
but also the loss
of the fall
He knew that some mercy
would conquer the split
by answering straight
to the call

Old Leonard was happy
and calm when he left
the children of children
was there
they smiled and they wept
went smiling again
he felt so delivered
by prayer

One hundred and forty
and seven more days
b-minor was turning to gold
this is how he lived
this is how he died
forever eternally told. pd-2004
...I ..... .... ....... made . ..... ...... by ....... music .. ..... .. ......

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