no wonder so many get into interior decorating!

This is for your own works!!!
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no wonder so many get into interior decorating!

Post by smccallon » Tue Jan 18, 2005 2:20 am

if a doctor came from a previous life i was where am the doctor me now? give me a metaphysical and call me hegel's regal son. waiting for the zeitgeist on seco and bouquet. i've got a vile of christ's blood in my backpocket--better believe it to be true. i'll even show your my scars that christ gave to me from his body as proof. see my hands. don't believe 'em, heh. this is the real deal. got it at saugus speedway swap meet this past tuesday. too many look on sunday and never find the damn stuff. believe it, man. i'm unsettling and ineffective at times. whatever happened to the jesus man on seco and bouquet. i believe 'em to be some kinda omen for a selfish internal revolution you'll be knowing in time.

she gave 'em a fifty cent piece and told 'em to fuck off. he just laughed. called her a whore and the joke continued. yes. the joke continued. turning around. people addicted. turning queer. turning backwards to claim a peaceful allusion. i entered my name and in the drawing i lost.

i forgot how terribly terrific ya felt. backseats and park benches--hospital beds too. don't worry it's only a cop. siren. siren. ring. ring. apollo creed. shite.

we left new york arm in arm. found our lay over all the same. our apartment. the tears we suggested finally made it. somehow the alcohol gave a better hint. liberty and christmas were ours this time. my sweet companion in crime and romance wanted to start a war. so war we started. never too busy to begin again...

we were lovers but the t.v. turned to black and it ended about as fast as it began. i handed in my card of resignation and didn't owe a thing to mean bad terms.

when past meets the present and all i hear are muffled voices--but at least the rain is falling. there are those who rhyme and there are those who speak freely. i don't care anymore to explain the difference.

yes and no shall keep one whole. possibilities and a loss of control. take this cancer and leave 'em alone. you black angel. i only wank off and call up my friends. it's an existence in hazel eyes. perfect pictures don't exist. perfect bodies are illusive and damaging. a thoroush exam reveals distress and certain reflection.

"i'm fading by irish music and your voice singing 'halleljuah'"

where hope is, i'll take my life and lay out...
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Post by witty_owl » Tue Jan 18, 2005 4:14 am

Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Interesting writing smccallon- I shall return to read this again a few more times. There seems to be a lot to digest here and I am not familiar with all your references.
Post some more, you have me intrigued.
Cheers, Witty.
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Post by Teratogen » Fri Jan 21, 2005 10:20 am

thumbs up as always, man. witty says it right--lots to take in. it's a brief idea, occurrance, existence, thought, moment one after another. good to the last drop. :D
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