Half Done

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John K.
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Half Done

Post by John K. » Tue Feb 19, 2013 2:25 am

Song 4 of hopefully 14:


I bought you a drink before you told me you were too drunk
So I had them both now we're together in a slightly blue funk
I prefer to save my money for nights that might be more fun
But I'm half dead even though I'm not even half done

My list of things to do keeps growing but nothing gets cleared
I didn't notice I'm scared but it was hidden behind my fear
I've lost so many things I don't remember the last time that I won
My life's more than half over I'm not even close to half done

Just open the box and you can see that i've nothing to hide
If you start unpacking you'll see the paper is all that's inside
I've never shot someone doesn't mean shouldn't have a gun
To protect the truth maybe I'll get more than half done

If I looked at the sky would I see sunshine or clouds
If you closed your eyes would you see the world as it is now
If I wished on a star would my wishes have a chance to come true
If you fool yourself what does that say about you

I'm sorry I couldn't do better I'm sorry if I wasted your time
My life is a mess I've reached the end of the line
But it's way too soon for the morning to marry the sun
Maybe tomorrow I'll be clever but tonight I'm not even half done
I love to speak with John
He's a pundit and a fraud
He's a lazy banker living in a suit

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Re: Half Done

Post by DJObrien » Wed Feb 20, 2013 6:40 am

This is a beautiful piece, really loved it. Well done, my friend.
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