Closer To You

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John K.
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Closer To You

Post by John K. » Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:18 pm

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I wish that the time
Was the morning again
I'd notice it more
Than I had back then
And maybe I'd see better
And feel closer to you

It's been so long past
That I only hear your voice
Sometimes in my sleep
I wake up with no choice
If I left here
I still wouldn't be closer to you

Evening was the time that you would smile and leave
I never understood but finally I believed
Morning cold and frozen along the mountain air
I took what I could have and finally left you there

All of the days
That I spent by your side
Wishing you loved me
Wishing I could hide
But none of it
Helped me to be closer to you

I walk past the places
Where we used to laugh
And share a few drinks
Behind blue photographs
But in the end
None of them brought me closer to you
I love to speak with John
He's a pundit and a fraud
He's a lazy banker living in a suit
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