New Poetry site

This is for your own works!!!
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New Poetry site

Post by Critic2 » Fri Oct 22, 2004 10:10 am

Pasted from a poetry newsgroup- this looks very interesting. The anonymity, which so enrages or scares many posters here, seems to be the important feature for objective critique. I haven't visited it yet but if you really do receive mature comment , not the "wows" of other non-writers filling allpoetry, it may be a fantastic help for those genuinely interested in improving their writing.


The Egoless Web Experience

Ready or not, the Egoless web site is open for Beta testing.
Like Rik Root's "Poet's Lathe" (aka "The Poem Crit Tool Place"
at site, an "egoless" environment
involves unidentified critics commenting on poems by unidentified
authors, thus removing "personalities" from the critical process.
If you are interested in giving and receiving open, unbiased
critique in order to develop both poem and poet consider joining
Egoless. To do so, go to: read more about how an "egoless" setup works. If
this appeals to you, please consider registering for a free
membership at:

Warning: Egoless is not for everyone. The registration
process takes longer--about 10-20 minutes--than other sites.
There is a "test" to help determine your experience level and
if Egoless is likely to benefit you.

Whether you decide to join Egoless or not, you can log
in as a guest or as a member at:

Note: these URLs must be typed in exactly as you see
them. They are case sensitive.

Egoless is intended as a prototype for future, fancier
sites. There are no banner adds and, aside from wallpaper,
no graphics. In its current form Egoless includes the following

1. Ratings for poems, poets, critiques and critics
2. 2 forums: Egoless for experienced poets, Egolite for novices
3. Immediate posting of poems (1 per day) and critiques
4. Killfiling (posters whom you find objectionable)
5. Flagging (posters whose work you find questionable)
6. Highlighting (posters whose contributions you admire)
7. Critique aids: canned remarks, book & URL recommendations
8. Hit counts for poems and critiques
9. Blind anonymous email
10. HTML support & tutorial (

There will also be a "Hall of Fame" for critiques & poems
that Egoless members judge as excellent. That said, Egoless
is a critical web site and NOT a place to showcase one's work.
Members are encouraged to post pieces which have not, as yet,
been workshopped elsewhere online.

This being the Beta test phase, if you spot any glitches
or bugs please report them to us at or through
the Egoless Help site at:

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Post by Critic2 » Fri Oct 22, 2004 11:04 am

here is part of the introduction to the site- sounds like Heaven on a Stick to me!


Do not attack your critics' ability to read, comprehend, write or critique. Should you receive a negative review the proper response is "Thank you." Nothing more, nothing less.

_____Please bear in mind that it is the poem, not the poet, "on trial" here. The beauty of an egoless environment is that if our poem is not well received we can separate ourselves from it more easily. Thus, there is never any excuse--especially here--for disparaging a critic who has taken the time to comment on our poem. Violating this rule against "counterattacking" critics will rank among the easiest ways to become an ex-member.

_____New poets tend to underestimate the importance of technique in poetry. This often causes them to overestimate their own ability. "Hey, this poetry stuff is easy! Nothing to it!" The sooner new poets jettison this notion the sooner they can begin learning how to write poems that people outside their immediate circle of friends and family might actually wish to read.


it then goes on to offer the alternative places where you can soak your ego. The first is like allpoetry, the second is a spoof where the comouter automatically praises whatever you write.
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Post by Critic2 » Fri Oct 22, 2004 11:21 am

oh, it gets better and better! in order to register you have to answer questions which reveal/expose your understanding of poetry and critique!

clue for allpoetry members the purpose of posting poetry is *NOT* to hear everyone say how wonderful you are.

hint for Makeera and her type, answer counter-intuitively, it might just work.
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Post by Avalon » Fri Oct 22, 2004 1:30 pm

You are a most excellent fellow Critic 2, the poets on this site are a load of w**kers. Keep them on the run!!!!
Yours in support.
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Post by Midnight » Fri Oct 22, 2004 1:48 pm

Avalon. No fair! You're confusing me! You've switched sides. Stop trimming and start swimming.
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Post by Avalon » Fri Oct 22, 2004 1:52 pm

I have not switched sides. I am only helping the most learned and esteemed fellow of the wig, Mr Critic2.
Only he can stand in judjement of literary inspirations!!!!
Yours in support, Critic2, oh learned gentleman.
:D :D
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Post by Paula » Fri Oct 22, 2004 3:17 pm

I agree with C2. An anonymous appraisal of the proffered works of art might encourage some truthful feedback rather than the quid pro quo flattery which is always evident.

I am entering so you can all be assured you will not be placed last :lol:

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Post by lizzytysh » Fri Oct 22, 2004 4:32 pm

I agree with the premise and details of this new site. It is for those whose aspirations are to become poets, to write serious poetry, etc. ~ where that is their reason for writing. The notable difference that I see between there and here is that here, people have come for other reasons, and whilst here, choose to share a bit of themselves through their writing. That is a wholly-poetry-based site. This is not. I may even go there and attempt to learn how to write poetry ~ give me the Egoless Lite, please :lol: .
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