Where Were You - Tribute for 9-11

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Where Were You - Tribute for 9-11

Post by geoff+evans » Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:21 am

This is a song/poem I wrote that remembers that awful day in humanity on 9-11 all those years ago.
A special and painful day for our friends who live in NYC - may your God give you comfort and you find peace.

Where Were You – When Love Died

Where were you – where were you when you heard the news
Were you singing – were you singing to the blues
Were you dancing – were you dancing in the sun
Were you smiling – were you smiling having fun

Where were you – when love died

Where were you – where were you when you got the call
Were you crying – were you running and did you fall
My heart is dying – my blood is cold inside my head
Touched the water – feeling cold and turning red

Where were you – when love died

I hear your voice – calling softly in the rain
Hear you laughing – gently smiling – I’m in pain
I’m just praying – praying - to god above
That your sweet soul – your soul is filled with love

We’re holding flowers – standing in the park
Candles burning – shining brightly in the dark
Stand in silence – get down on my knees and pray
I think of you – with every word I say

Where are you – we’re sitting all alone
Life is empty – unwanted silence in our home
Clothes still hanging – folded neatly on the chair
I know we’ll meet you – again please lord I swear

Where were you, where were you
Where were you – when love died

Where were you – when love died
Let this day be ....
..... the start of a new beginning
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Re: Where Were You - Tribute for 9-11

Post by Byron » Tue Sep 13, 2011 12:11 am

In a garden of remembrance in London, outside the American Embassy, the British victims are commemorated. Over the beautiful pergola are the words..

Grief is the price we pay for Love
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