The Iceberg and the Mountain

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The Iceberg and the Mountain

Post by Teratogen » Thu Aug 11, 2011 4:22 am

The Iceberg and the Mountain

I’ve come to collect my shame,
But there’s nothing you owe me;
If you wish to stake your claim
I’ll stand on ceremony

At the foyer where it fell,
Crumbled absurdly sublime,
And recover’d to expel
Confusion thro’ pantomime,

And I’ll feign a lack of fear
Of dishonor to involve,
Tho’ ev’ry time I come here
Departed is my resolve.

And here I crumble again—
I crumble, perspire and slouch
On the floor of dust and Zen
And then expire on your couch

Like a cradled infant, clung,
Laughing mad at my senses
That fiercely frolic among
Vulnerable defenses.

I may challenge and debate
On the solitude you seek
With my shame to decorate
This armor of mystique,

And panic may find haven
That resentment may condone
Where courage appears craven
In the need to be alone;

You may dispute and confront
With ev’ry vacillation
To employ a verdict blunt
Upon my admiration:

Taken thus (without sparing
Silence for uncertainty),
It appears overbearing
In the need for company.

Like an iceberg endeavors
To be land of vast supply,
The mountain itself severs
From the earth unto the sky

To its image subjugate
Its repulsive tedium
And design itself a slate
Of untainted medium—

Is it happiness combin’d
With these judgments to juggle
For heroism to find
A place within the struggle?

But you’ll shift the world ‘round you
When you wish to move about,
Standing still, as I’ve found you,
Clutching firm the hand of doubt,

Summoning the voice of grief
From the fathomless abyss
To speak proud of disbelief
And the pride that you dismiss.

Still we long to find our place,
Tho’ ourselves we may conceal
For our shamed, repulsive face
Won’t disclose just how we feel,

And for all that it explores—
This exposure of my shame—
I implore it to be yours
For its beauty to reclaim.
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