Slave Revolt

This is for your own works!!!
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Slave Revolt

Post by jmflash » Mon Jun 21, 2004 6:08 am

I have been working since I’ve been a youngin’
That is thirty years and countin’
But I ain’t never had no money
And my life ain’t gettin’ no better
My black skin just keeps getting blacker
My calloused hands just keep getting harder
But my pains do not matter
Because today I led a slave revolt.

Master called me when I was in the field picking
He said, “Nigger! Hey nigger!”
But I decided I do not like that name
I decided I am not going to respond to it anymore
So I stayed silent and stopped picking his cotton
Stopped doing his work for him.
Then he got mighty upset and rode his big horse over to me
He said, “Why aren’t you answering me nigger!”
“Why aren’t you working!”

I could have grabbed one of the machetes from the shed
Or the gun that Master keeps in the house
And gone about things that way
But I do not hate Master.
Just because he sinned against me doesn’t mean I should sin against him
But nor does that mean I should go along with his ways any longer
That would be the worst crime.
So I led a great rebellion today
I did not do my work as a slave
And I did not respond to my nigger name.

The skin on my back is gone from the lashings I received
I know well that whip with the oiled corkscrew leather
Which digs right into skin and rips it out
Like a lion clawing at least an inch deep every few seconds
My flesh and blood flying all through the air
I lay in the most pain imaginable
Thinking of the tree I was tied to
How tight my arms, wrists, neck, and ankles were bound.
Master yelled, “Answer me nigger!”
But I stayed silent
And he kept on whipping.

I could have responded to Master when he called
And maybe he would have stopped the beatings
But if I would have answered to such a name
Then I would commit a crime against myself
And if I continue doing my slave work
Then it is I who is responsible for the sin of slavery.
Tomorrow I will be hung and
The master threatens to start beatin’ or killin’ my wife, mother, and children if I don’t straighten up
But I do not care for his threats
‘Cause my wife has already been raped hundreds of times by him
And he’s had his eye on my little girl for awhile
And if I do what master says I may stop my family from gettin’ some beatings
But that won’t make them free.

I tell you I believe in an Almighty God
I know that He will judge everyone according to their acts
I am only responsible for what I decide
I am not in control of the world and how it is
Master can do whatever he likes
But he no longer concerns me
I have only one true Master.
I have only one true path.

Today I am free
And that is one more free day than all the rest of the slaves will have for their entire lives
Seeing as they are bound from birth ‘till death
Owned by someone else.
And one more free day than all the slave masters will have for their entire lives I reckon
Seeing as they are bound by the slaves they keep
Always having to watch over them
And beat and whip them to keep them in place
Their faith and decency gets confined having to justify these horrible things
And whatever love they have is killed.

I am not a slave
Because I choose not to be
I refuse their orders
And their commands
That is the entire universe
That is greater than life
I am free
Let the world do what it will.
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Post by bee » Mon Jun 21, 2004 8:56 am

Sad story, but just what is there- de guy is revolting because he does not like de hard work ? or~ are there other reasons- because he does not have de money? or de whip? hmmm...
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Post by Midnight » Mon Jun 21, 2004 2:42 pm


You've got a great subject. But the execution is not very good. It reads like a soap opera. I'm sure this is not what you intended.
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