What Landmarks Should I Visit in Hydra?

Our biennial Hydra meetups, and the big 2002 Event
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What Landmarks Should I Visit in Hydra?

Postby Murf » Tue Apr 04, 2017 12:36 am

Hi All,

I'm am off to Hydra this coming weekend as I am running the Hydra trail race, 16 miles over Mt Eros. I am a keen runner and when I saw the event in Hydra I couldn't not go as it is a chance to run a race and visit the island which was home to my greatest hero for so long!

So my question is, while I am in Hydra, are there any Leonard Cohen related landmarks to see? Any recommendations for cafes or restaurants to go to. Or any landmarks in general no-Cohen related?

Any advice would be welcome. :)

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Re: What landmarks should I visit in Montreal and Canada

Postby Krishna » Tue Apr 04, 2017 10:03 am

This is not an answer to this post but I have the exact same question about Montreal and thought that someone might be able to answer the following questions for me:

1) is there anywhere I could look for the list of Canadian towns where he
played in the second half of 2008 just before going to UK that year? And
2) In his early days as a poet in Montreal, were there particular book
shops or small venues where he read his poems - I know this is a vague
question and those venues might all have disappeared. But just in case anyone knows where these venues were, I would be so grateful.
Thank you so much.

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