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by Fljotsdale
Sun Aug 07, 2005 2:00 am
Forum: Leonard Cohen's music
Topic: The top 10 songs?
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Oh, difficult question! There are too many I love... So, in no particular order of preference... 1. Love Itself. 2. Waiting for the Miracle 3. Suzanne 4.Hey, That's no Way to Say Goodbye 5. The Window 6. Lover, Lover, Lover 7. Who by Fire 8. The Guests 9. Memories 10. Everybody Knows (because it mak...
by Fljotsdale
Sun Aug 07, 2005 1:47 am
Forum: Leonard Cohen's poetry and novels
Topic: The Beautiful Loosers
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I've read The Favourite Game, and found it ... well... a bit difficult in places. Brilliantly written, though. The way he uses words is very effective, and all his own. I am now reading Beautiful Losers. I've got to page 78. I can't read it all in one go, as I did with The Favourite Game; I have to ...
by Fljotsdale
Sun Aug 07, 2005 1:34 am
Forum: Live in London, Dear Heather, The Essential Leonard Cohen, Ten New Songs
Topic: "In my opinion, Dear Heather is a delight."
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I know nothing technical about music. I just know what I like. The first time I listened to 'Dear Heather', I didn't like it that much. It made me cry. It sounded as though he was saying 'goodbye', and I didn't like the thought of that. But I've listened to it a lot since. It still makes me sad, but...

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