The Darker Album and the Songs

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Re: The Darker Album and the Songs

Postby vickiwoodyard » Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:33 am

I love to read everyone's input on his songs because I love him so much. As I said, I listen in two ways, as someone on the path of awakening, I recognize certain key principles common to all true paths. He was undoubtedly a dedicated student of the truth wherever he ran across it in the world. But more importantly, where he recognized it in himself. That's why we get a rough and ragged interpretation of life and truth from him. And I love that aspect of his work. One of my favorite songs is "That Don't Make It Junk." That seems to say a lot about all of us.

I also listen to his music and let it work on me anyway it wants to! I think that is a great approach to take. Straight to the heart. Embracing what moves me and almost everything he writes does. Well, with one exception, and I say this with a grain of salt. I am from Memphis and when he sings "Tennessee Waltz," I find myself mumbling, "Leonard, you shouldn't be singing that song!" Oh, I know he lived in Tennessee for a while, but he still sounds too much like a Canadian for me in that one.

So you guys, I thank all of you for taking the time and interest to write about his magnificent "stuff." He remains alive in us all.
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Re: The Darker Album and the Songs

Postby Violet » Thu Jan 12, 2017 9:05 am

Joe Way wrote:"The only moment that you can live here comfortably in these absolutely irreconcilable conflicts is in this moment when you embrace it all and you say "Look, I don’t understand a fucking thing at all – Hallelujah!”

Violet, I really appreciate all of your views. I'm not trying to start any argument. We are so blessed to have these complicated songs to discuss now. What a gift, that Leonard has left us.


Hi Joe.

I missed your post for some reason, I only saw Vikki's later one.

Actually, I'm not arguing either -- what I said was in the vein of "spirited debate."

But thank you for your note.

I tried listening to the album in the car the other day and only made it to the beginning of Treaty. I just can't listen to it just now, my heart breaks. But I imagine that "this too shall pass."


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